Code Compliance

What is Code Compliance?

The City of Colton Code Compliance Division is responsible for enforcing Municipal Codes pertaining to a variety of concerns such as storage of inoperable vehicles on private property, zoning violations, property maintenance violations, and substandard building conditions. Code Compliance responds to approximately 1300 complaints annually; as well as conducting proactive investigations to maintain a safe, healthy and attractive living and working environment for the residents of Colton. 

Registering a Complaint

Code Compliance Complaints are reported via telephone, in person and now Online. To register a complaint by telephone; please contact the Code Compliance Office directly at (909) 370-5114.

In order to provide an accurate account of the potential violations reported, the following information is required:

  1. Date Reported
  2. Complaint Received by
  3. Complaint Address
  4. Complainant's Information
  5. ** This information remains confidential, it is not released to the public **
  6. If call back or contact is requested
  7. A detailed list of the potential violation(s)
  8. Any additional information the complaint provides pertinent to the investigation
For additional information regarding code enforcement, contact the Community Response Team at 909-370-5114.