Colton Youth Services

The Colton Police Department Youth Services works to provide resources to parents, school officials and students throughout the city of Colton. School Resource Officers, CART Staff Members and officers that work in Youth Service details have a special understanding of students and at risk teens. This division provides support to school officials, liaison with probation and the court system and provides mentorship for students as well as parents. They also provide resources for families, students being bullied, on campus activities, and much more. 

All School Resource Officers meet with Colton Joint Unified Public Safety on a weekly basis. They also hold monthly trainings and work joint operations such a truancy sweeps, law enforcement presentations, graduations, graduation evening patrols and more. Although there is a strong partnership among law enforcement agencies and the School Resource Officers, crime reports and incidents that occur on campuses outside of Colton should be handled by their respective agencies. 

Grand Terrace schools - Deputy Anthony Alcala 909-580-5006 extension 4928

Bloomington Schools - Deputy Lisa Acosta 909-580-5004 extension 3082

Joe Baca Middle School - Rialto Police Department 909-875-3210


Officer Anthony Elisarraraz

Officer Anthony Elisarraraz is currently assigned to the School Resource Officer program. His office is located at the Colton High School. Officer Elisarraraz currently handles the following schools: Colton High School, Washington High School, Vision Community School, Mojave River Academy, Jehue Middle School, Garcia Elementary School, Morris Elementary School, and all the Rialto schools that are located in the City of Colton. He also handles all incidents on CJUSD buses, Student Services and the CJUSD Maintenance Yard. He can be reached at 909-580-5005 extension 2391. 

Officer N. Campos

Officer Nilda Campos

Officer Nilda Campos is currently assigned to the School Resource Officer program. Her office is located at the Colton Middle School. Officer Campos currently handles the following schools: Colton Middle School, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Alice Birney Elementary School, Cooley Ranch Elementary School, Paul J Rogers Elementary School, Reche Canyon Elementary School, San Salvador Preschool, Ulysses S Grant Elementary School, William McKinley Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School as well as the CJUSD District Offices. She is also involved in the CJUSD SARB Board Panel and is in charge of the School Resource Officer for a Day program, the Level Up Program for 6th Graders and arranges the presentations and station tours for the Colton Police Department. Officer Campos can be reached at 909-580-5009 Extension 3619

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